28 November 2011

bebe Skin Care Products

I'd run out of my Nivea Young Care stuff that I'd been usuing since March, and I wanted to try something different, but had no idea what to pick. So I just randomly chose a BeBe Day and Night moisturiser and a three in one face wash. I have combination skin, so I picked up the face wash for normal to combination skin, and the moisturiser is for all skin types. 

  • bebe Young Care 3in1 Fresh Washgel for normal to combination skin
It claims to remove makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh, and it's also soap free. And it actually does what it claims to do. It made my skin feel really nice and soft, and it felt clean, which is always a good thing haha. I really like this product, despit being all about nice smells, because obviously it doesn't have a smell, being soap free. I actually prefer this to my old Nivea one, because it seemed quite heavy. This even looks soft when you put it in your hands. It also looks quite shimmery and silky, if that makes sense.

  • bebe Young Care Relaxing Care Day and Night Cream
Whereas the face wash doesn't have a smell, this cream smells absolutely wonderful! I really love this smell! I do realise that there is more to life and products than their smell, but for me it is really important. The moment I used this, I knew it was good. Every other moisturiser I've used makes me skin so oily, and makes my face really shiny. This one just does it's job, and keeps my skin moisturised without overdoing it. It also leaves my face very soft and nice smelling, of course. 

So I think I'm sold. I really do like these products, and until I find something even better, I'll stick with these.


  1. I've never even heard of this brand before, where did you buy from? Sounds good!! x

  2. I think it's a German brand, and I got it from my local shop (I live in Luxembourg) but you can get it from amazon.de :)x


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