24 November 2011

Mindless Drivel

Quite a non eventful day today, and I couldn't decide whether I should do a favourtie shoes post or not. (I will, but not today.) My boyfriend drove me to the dentist, but we got there early, so we I decided to take some posey pictures. And, miraculously, my hair behaved itself yet again! It must be my new L'Oréal Elsève conditioner. It was all soft and not frizzy, which is rare! So I'm quite impressed with it so far. It's just silly timing (and so typical haha) because I'm off to the hairdresser's tomorrow.
The pictures of my boyfriend are quite blurry because I kept laughing at his facial expression, hence shaking the camera.
Another good thing about tomorrow is the fact that the Christmas market in town opens! Yay! I can't wait to go and have churros and a hot chocolate. Maybe not together though, because that would be a major sweet overload and I'd feel ill. But I always buy these really cute mugs whenever I do get a hot chocolate. They're shaped like boots with little christmassy designs on them and I love them! So far I  have two, and I plan on getting more.
Also, there's an international bazaar going on this weekend. It's a big indoor market, where there are stands with food and other products from all over the world, and each country has it's own stand. So that'll be good fun too. I'll probably take some pictures of all the different food.

On a completely different note, my mum, sister, brother and I will be extras in a film on Sunday. Which is quite exciting, but means getting up really early, but ho hum, it's all for the money. Everyone is in desperate need at the mo, due to Christmas shopping. Like I said, we have a big family. Plus boyfriends, their families, etc. Anyway, my brother is incredibly loved by directors, and has been in movies with some well known actors. He just goes along with it like it's an everyday thing, while we're all incredibly jealous. Nowadays, he's just interested in killing people. On the playstation, obviously not in real life.

So yeah, a lot of things to look forward to!

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