21 November 2011

Every Day Is Pancake Day!

So, like I said, Stefane and exact quantities doesn't happen. Ever. Which is weird cos he's a perfectionist.
I watched him this time and gathered this much:
you will need:
2 eggs
two thin, small packets of vanilla sugar
a bowl
a pan
a whisk
and a big spoon

Put the eggs, the flour and the vanilla sugar in the bowl, then add the milk. Whisk it all up, so it's not too thick and is slightly runny (add flour/milk until it looks right). If you want you can add more sugar, but I don't think it's necessary. Then spoon some of the mix onto the pan (no oil necessary) and let it cook either side. And tadaaa! You have yummy pancakes.
Some of the pancakes had weird shapes on them. And the bottom left looks like a dolphin and a fish (if you have a very large imagination.)
trying to show you what I mean haha

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