22 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I went to the Christmas market in Esch today, because the one in town doesn't open until friday and because  I'm incredibly impatient. I'd never been before, but I really liked it. It felt a lot smaller than the one in town, despite there being an ice rink. It was cosy and had loads of different food stalls and lovely decorations.

cute mini christmas trees                                  Esch highstreet
the ice rink                                             seating area
blurry picture of the carousel        the boyfriend in his new puffy jacket
It was torture walking down the highstreet to get to it though, on account of not having any money to spend on clothes grrr. But oh well, at least I have all the Christmas presents sorted. I actually love buying stuff, whether it's for me or not. I know buying stuff on the internet is easier but I still love going through all the shops and looking for stuff. I love the whole build up towards Christmas too, it just makes me feel all happy and I reaaaaally want it to snow soon! Not too much like last year, yet, because we have a trip to England coming up and it would be horrible if weather conditions ruin that haha. But after the 23rd it can snow as much as it likes. I love all the christmassy smells, the traditions, all the different lights and decorations that people put up, how all the shops are full of Christmas-related stuff, and all the christmassy adverts and films on TV. It just makes me happy, which sounds so soppy but oh well. I'm a Christmas nut, always have been. I know, it's still November and I'm already counting the days! (32)
What do you love most about Christmas?

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