5 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 1: The Tree

Hi everyone,
Two years ago I did a Christmas themed series during December and I decided to do it again this year. It will consist of all things festive, like Christmas markets, DIYs, decorating, recipes and more! 
I thought I would kick start the series with one of the most important parts of Christmas; the tree! We have been getting our tree from the same place, Hornbach, for the last three years and this year makes it our fourth time. They do really good trees for a reasonable price whereas other places tend to be incredibly overpriced. We always get Nordmann Fir trees, just because they tend to be taller and wider than the other options. We spent some time inspecting the trees and eventually decided to get one of the first ones we had seen. They packaged it up and after perusing the decoration aisles and picking up a few bits and bobs, we made our way back to the car only to realise that it was snowing! The first snow of the year (yes, really as it didn't even snow earlier this year). I tried my best to get a few snaps before we went back and loaded up the car with the tree, only to realise I forgot to put my memory card in my camera. Argh bloggers nightmare.
We decided to go for a rose gold/bronze, white and gold theme this year. I found a pack of rose gold & gold baubles in IKEA for about 10€. I really like the mismatched colours and textures of them. The rest of the decorations are ones my mum has had for years. We all decorated the tree together and my brother had to put on the angle because my mum and I couldn't even reach the top of the tree. Even our pets decided to join us and my brother managed to get some really cute photos of them.
It has definitely put us all in a christmassy mood and we have started listening to Christmas songs now too (not going to lie, I started listening to songs mid November).
I apologise in advance if you don't celebrate Christmas or just aren't fond of it, just ignore these blogposts! I also apologise for the amount of time I wrote 'Christmas' in this blogpost (9 including the title and the tag).
When do you get your tree?

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