24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

Hi everyone,
We are spending Christmas away from home and I wanted to share a quick little update with you all. We are in a little village called Les Gets in France and were supposed to be spending the whole week skiing. Unfortunately there isn't enough snow and only one small blue ski run is open. I suppose it's a blessing in disguise for me personally, as I've been really ill and don't seem to be improving despite all the medicine I have to take. Being sick for Christmas is never fun! We've been making the best out of it though and have been having a fun time exploring and going for walks. There's also an ice rink in town and I definitely want to give it a go despite not being that great at ice skating.
It's also the first time our dog, Molly, has been away from home so it has been quite the adventure for her. She adores the snow and was really excited to play in what little snow we could find. She also met a friend called Billy who took a liking to her ,so much so that he followed us back to our chalet which is quite a long way from the village center for a dog! We called his owner who came to collect him and that was the end of a beautiful (slightly stalker like) friendship. 
I hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve!

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