9 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 2: The Winterlicious Tag

Hi everyone,
I did this tag almost two years ago and have decided to do it again because it's always fun to look back and compare what has changed! It's also a great way to share a couple of my current favourite products. I added a few extra questions just to shake things up a bit. I tag everyone so if you've done this tag, let me know so I can read it!
You can find my old Winterlicious tag here.

1) Favourite Winter nail polish?
Beyond Cozy by Essie or Minnie Style by OPI (I think that's the name)

2) Favourite Winter lip product?
NARS Heat Wave lipstick mixed with MAC Hot Gossip lipstick

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
I recently bought this gilet/bodywarmer from Primark and I have already worn it to death! I love it so much.

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
My H&M scarf, it's so snuggly and goes with every outfit.

5) Favourite Winter scent/candle?
Christmas Eve Yankee Candle

6) Favourite Winter beverage?
Gingerbread latte or hot chocolate

7) All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually and Father Christmas

8) Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
It's a tie between Train - Shake Up Christmas, Michael BublĂ© - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa

9) Favourite Christmas/Holiday food/treat?
Food: brussel sprouts with bacon and chestnuts
Treat: Christmas themed cupcakes & muffins

10) What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
I really like the rose gold baubles that I got from IKEA.

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?
The Zoeva Rose Golden eye brush set and a whole lot of books, including Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch and Michelle Phan's new book.

12) What are your plans for Christmas this year?
This is the first time ever that we aren't spending Christmas at home or with members of family at their homes. We are going skiing in Les Gets for a whole week and I'm so excited!
on a ski holiday ages ago!
13) Favourite Christmas jumper?
My mum saw this one in Primark and just had to get it for me (after being hounded (geddit) by my sisters) because she knows how much I love dogs, especially pugs. The amount of pug related clothing I have is ridiculous. Design aside, it's amazingly soft and cosy.

14) Favourite thing about Christmas?
I love everything about Christmas but if I had to pick one thing it would be buying people presents. Despite being difficult and stressful, the feeling I get when I've got everyone something that I know they will like makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

15) Favourite christmassy activity?
Buying the tree and decorating everything, it makes me feel like it's officially Christmas time. I also love going to all of the Christmas markets for a hot chocolate.

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