7 December 2014

Festive Party Outfit | Day to Night

Hi everyone,
I wanted to do some festive outfits of the day and I came up with an outfit that I thought could look great for both day time and night time when paired with different accessories. It features a nice dark red dress with a floral pattern that my mum got from Primark last year as part of my Christmas present. It's made out of quite a thick material which makes it great for cold weather. I love the colour of it as it is quite festive and winter appropriate. I think this may be my first outfit blogpost ever to not feature something from H&M!

Dress - Primark
Jumper - Primark
Tights - Primark
Boots - Siemes Schuhcenter
Hat - New Look

For the day time outfit, I paired the dress with a black jumper with a sparkly rhinestone detailing which is also from Primark. It's really cosy and I thought the rhinestones made the outfit slightly more special. I chose not to add any more accessories as I didn't want to overpower all of the details on the jumper and the dress. I left my hair down and added my New Look bobble hat because it matched the dress. I chose to wear my simple black boots because they have a flat heel which means they are ideal for being comfortable throughout the day.

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - C&A
Tights - Primark
Wedge Heels - Chaussea

For the night time party outfit, I swapped my jumper for a similar black cardigan from C&A, again with rhinestones. I didn't want cover up the neckline of the dress too much which is why I chose the cardigan. I put on my black wedges from Chaussea to give me some height and to jazz up the outfit. Heels are great for turning a day time outfit into a night time outfit. I felt that for a party I would prefer to have my hair up as opposed to down so I clipped it back into a bun. Once again I avoided jewellery because I felt the cardigan took care of the sparkle, but feel free to add more sparkly things since it is the season for that! 

Big thank you to my brother Joe for being my photographer, since my usual one (my boyfriend) was at work (which explains the many outtake photos). It takes a lot of patience putting up with me, especially when Far Cry 4 is calling (amazing game by the way!).
I hope you enjoy this slightly different outfit post! 


  1. Love the colours in this outfit and I'm totally cooing over the cat! Xxxx

    1. Thank you! Haha she's a cutie :) xxx


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