11 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 3: Luxembourg City Christmas Market

Every year in November, Luxembourg's traditional Christmas markets start to open one by one. And every year there seem to be more markets opening and they all seem to be expanding. I'm not complaining, I love Christmas markets (despite it making parking in the city incredibly difficult). 
The streets are lined with stunning lights, the streetlamps are decorated with Christmas wreaths and most of the shops are beautifully decorated. Christmas music is being played, either in form of live band or prerecorded cds, and everyone seems merry. Pushing through crowds of what seem to be statuesque people can become tiresome and annoying after some time, but short visits always tend to be fun.
The markets consist of an abundance of wooden huts that sell everything from sugary treats to cheap toys, santa hats, candles and decorations and of course food and drinks. They do hot chocolates and mulled wine among other things and in terms of food they sell sausages, burgers, potato cakes, noodles, pasta and the ever popular churros (which are delicious!).
We always visit the market in town which is usually found on the Place d'Armes square, positioned around the grand stand. However over the years it has expanded to the Place de la Constitution (Gelle Fra) which has more huts, a big ferris wheel and a double carousel, and this year they have even added an ice rink on the Place Guillaume II (Knuedler).
Every year the markets sell novelty Christmas mugs and I have been collecting them religiously. Most years they are shaped like shoes (with the odd snowman thrown into the mix) and are decorated with little images of the markets. Some people may find them tacky but I love them.
I'll be visiting some of the other markets but I thought I would share the biggest and most popular one first.
Hope you enjoy this little insight of Luxembourg in December!


  1. Mmm I really want some of the food now!! I'm going to brave the Southbank market this year and see if it's similar as it's meant to be German... shall report back! xx

    1. I regret not getting my own churros! Haha! Ooh sounds fun! Hope it is authentic :) xx


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