16 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 7: Place de Paris Christmas Market

As I have already mentioned, there are quite a few different Christmas markets here in Luxembourg. I have already done a blogpost on the main one which I will link here.
This market is quite a bit smaller than the one in the center of town, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't as good. It's situated on the Place de Paris, close to Luxembourg city train station. There a few different huts but they are generally the same as in the main market. Food, drinks, sweets and other bits and bobs. The thing I like most about this market is the fact that not only is a lot less crowded than the one in town but you also have a great view of the street which is lined with decorated trees. The effect is beautiful and I am in awe of it every year. It is by far my favourite part of the country around Christmas time. 
We decided to have a quick treat while we were there. I chose to have chocolate covered grapes (yum!) and Stefane had churros with nutella again. He asked for a small portion and was happily surprised by the size of the churros. They made them fresh while we were waiting and it was worth it. I had a sneaky bite (or two), all in the name of science of course.
If you want to experience a Christmas market but hate the crowds, then this one is definitely worth visiting despite it's size. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures, would love to go to a Christmas market :)


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