3 December 2014

Nivea Clear-Up Strips

strips for chin and forehead
the nose strip
Recently my skin has decided to be problematic (thanks skin! really appreciate it). More specifically, my nose. Cleanser used to be enough but this time it failed me. So I decided to find some pore strips, which by the way I have never used before but have always wanted to so I don't have any other product to compare it to. I went to Cactus and they didn't have many options, in fact they only had these Nivea Clear-Up Strips, so I got them. 
My first impression was that they smell amazingly fresh and lovely. Which is a good thing because it's meant to stay on the nose for 10-15 minutes. Imagine if they smelt horrible! The instructions were really simple and clear, you cleanse your face and keep the area where you want to place a pore strip quite wet so that they stick. Then you peel away the plastic, stick the soft, fluffy fleece part on and leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes. It then gets rather stiff and dry and is a bit uncomfortable to peel off, but also incredibly satisfying and completely pain free. And voila, my nose was cured! It felt quite tight and looked rather shiny but my pores were unclogged and my face looked fresh.
The pack comes with strips specifically for the T-zone area; the nose, forehead and chin. I think there were two of the chin and forehead strips and four nose strips. I would have liked to have a few more of the chin and forehead ones, but since my main issue was with my nose it worked out for the best. I also (stupidly) don't remember how much I  paid, but I'm pretty sure it was under 5€ and Amazon do them for 3,99€ here
Overall, I really like these strips and they make a great addition to my weekly 'spa' routine (which basically consists of face masks, hair masks and now pore strips). 
Have you used these before? What are you favourite products for tackling pores?

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