12 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 4: Christmas Wishlist

1. Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set | 2. Make Up Your Life by Michelle Phan | 3. GHD Rose Gold Air Hairdryer | 4. Sony Xperia Z3 Phone Covers | 5. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme |  6. H&M Jumper | 7. Esteban Teck & Tonka Room Spray | 8. Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch | 9. Tangle Teezer |
Hi everyone,
This is what's on my Christmas wishlist this year! Christmas isn't just about presents but it is nice to buy everyone something they will love and I personally find wishlists and ideas extremely helpful when doing my Christmas shopping. I obviously don't expect to receive everything on my list since there are some rather expensive items on it but I like adding a good mix of cheap and expensive things. If I had to pick my top three things off of the list they would be the Zoeva brushes, the Philip Kingsley mask and Foxglove Summer. 
I thought this post might inspire some of you if you have no idea what to tell people when they ask you for present ideas or it may even help you while you are looking for ideas for the people you love! I've added links for all of the items to make it easier for you to find. Some of them are German websites (like the amazon link) just because those are the ones I would usually use. 
Hope you enjoy this quick little wishlist!

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