20 December 2014

Christmas Countdown | Part 9: Place de la Constitution Christmas Market

This will probably be my final Christmas market blogpost as they all close on the 24th December and I will be away for a week. You can read the other two here and here.
I wanted to get some more close ups of the Place de la Constitution or Gelle Fra Christmas market because we only went past briefly last time. My sister and I were doing some last minute shopping and decided to pay the market a visit and get some lunch. We spotted a pretzel stand and I couldn't resist getting one. I went for a cheese and tomato pretzel and also bought a salted one for my boyfriend who was meeting us after work. We wandered around for a while, looking at all the stands and taking photos of the pretty lights. It was quite nice being there during the day as it's obviously less busy than during the evenings. The stands are a bit different to the ones in town, selling things like Yankee candles (ridiculously overpriced though), chocolate spoons and Christmas tree baubles. We went past a stand that was selling round biscuits that are clumped together with melted chocolate drizzled on top. They had a large variety of flavours and I ended up going for a champagne one for my mum and a white chocolate and nougat one for us to share. Just before we left, we went to the 'Luxembourg Pyramid' and I bought another mug (shaped like the 'pyramid'). I couldn't resist! 

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